What's in my Travel Beauty Bag?: Weekend Trip!
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What’s in my Travel Beauty Bag?: Weekend Trip!

It’s time to have a weekend trip! I need to organize my travel beauty bags. If you travel for 4 days you’ll probably have not a big luggage, so your beauty bags must be small too especially if you travel by plane with a hand luggage!


Here’s what I put into my weekend travel beauty case when I leave for the weekend. I have two cases: one for make-up things and another one (a plastic bag) for liquids, in addition to my beauty case. About make-up bag, I never forget these: black mascara, two eye shadows, blush, concealer, face powder, small double face pencil (kajal and eyeliner). There are also mini make-up remover wipes if I can find them in the shop. Everyone has its own routine but everyone uses toothbrush and toothpaste so I buy them in xs-size! I also add two elastic bands (the second one is if you lose your first one!) and pliers for hair. Hairbrush, intimate wipes and soap are also essential for a short trip! 


Some people also put in the beauty case the hair conditioner … but everyone has its vices and I prefer an intimate soap to it.
Paper handkerchiefs are still indispensable and a sanitary napkin too (but if I have my period I surely take more the one with me!).
Finally razors and tweezers for eyebrows in order to be flawless everywere.


But…look at this picture…do you think that I forgot something? Of course yes!




beauty-case per un weekend in viaggio


It’s the deodorant!


Doesn’t matter how meticulous you are, you’ll always forget to pack something you will remember when you already left!


Fortunately I added it to my personal set now (the solid one of course!)


And you? What do you always forget to put into your suitcase? I’m curious, let me know!


Have a nice trip!




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